Can't logon, profile shows incorrect user name

I can’t logon, when I try with my username, (jackgrt) I get logged on as “jackgrtcc3416fc08864dcc” ! & I can’t get to my games. I tried editing my profile but it says my username is already taken. Is my id cookie corrupted? Or, ???

I believe you probably logged in using one of the social media authentication mechanisms (google or facebook maybe?) - we’ve only seen the crazy hex stuff after names with those… in either event, logging using whatever you used when you first signed in should get you back into that account, and then you can change your username back to jackgrt.

Thanx, I got back in, by “creating a new acct.” it either accepted the old username as a login attempt, or whatever, but I got right on as jackgrt. I don’t use social media so that wasn’t the original glitch. In any event, I had tried loggng in using my old username, which failed, as did the attempt to edit my profile username ( the corrupt username would come up & get me into an id with no games & no history) so if anyone has this problem in future they could try to create a new acct. w/ all the old profile info, & maybe they’ll also get logged in & be happy :slight_smile: