Can't participate in chat

When I enter english chat, my nick does not appear on the right among others and most of the time others can’t see what I write and it dissapears off the screen after a while. Happens with two different browser.

Just to let you know - I had a quick look and couldn’t see any obvious reason.

Can you PM a moderator (or more than one) to start checking if PMing is working for you.

Also, can you let is know what channel you tried, and what is it that you tried to say


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General english channel. I did PM moderator, it worked perfectly and he told me to post in the forum. :smiley:

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And if I’m not mistaken, now it’s all working fine? We had one other report of someone being logged out unexpectedly, I think this might be what happened.

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Yes. For some reason issue resolved itself. Thank you