Can't remove dead stones against AI

I’ve played a couple games vs AI and once we both pass the “remove dead stones” option appears for a second then just immediately finishes, giving the wrong result.

Hello @wissmania7b1086a2427,

yeah in bot games the remove dead stones phase is disabled on purpouse. As bots cannot argue their case it was misused by players too much.

Unfortunatelly that sometimes means our scoring algorithm gets it wrong. The only misscored games I can find in your history are unranked, so hopefully no harm done (let me know if I missed some). To lessen the probability, of a mistake do not leave unfinished parts, and borders, or stones in atari even if it does not change the result.

Sorry about the trouble. We are hoping to improve the scoring, but until that happens, if you really want to be sure in an important bot game, you can simply capture any of the really big kills. Bots play under Chinese, so it will not change the score.