Can't see games (game filter) [resolved]

I have the same problem, as of 4 days ago, with Brave browser. I can’t see any games, live or correspondence.

The problem occurred when I checked off some of the preferences in the games section. To try to fix the problem I put them back, pressed refresh, refreshed the page, no luck so far.

No problem with Safari, but I’ve used Brave for over 6 months on OGS.

Any ideas for fix, other than to use Safari?

Often times this happens when you accidentally click “friends only” when turning all the other options back on, by default it should be the only one that is is off.

Could you please send a screenshot of the filter options you have selected?

If the icon in the circle has a number next to it, that means that many filters have been changed from default and are potentially hiding games.

It worked, thank you!

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I’m glad :slight_smile: