Category Suggestion: “Personal Progress Logs”

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Problem (as perceived by me): “Go Resources” category is (IMNSHO) being used more and more for collections of personal games.
I have rarely seen people post such numbers of games they have won instead of humbly submitting lost games for review as I see there meanwhile, and sometimes I don’t know whether it really is for helping other players to learn Go, as alleged, or rather about bragging.

Suggestion: Create a category “Personal Progress Logs”

What think ye? I’m all up for changing my mind if I can be convinced.

Respectfully, Tom


Done. :slight_smile:



On L19 these personal progress logs have a long tradition … and it seems only natural for me to have something like this on :yin_yang:GS, too, since it’s so easy to make our games available for review here :slight_smile:

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We should probably make an announcement about this also.