Challenges with OGS Integration with 'Just Go'

I am playing a game with a user who seems to be using the ‘Just Go’ application.

I do not have a challenge playing him… and he seems to have no serious challenges playing (he has played over 580 ranked OGS games) since Nov 2021.

His user name is “hi have fun i cannot chat in just go software[7k]” which leads a couple of discussion points

  1. His user name is too long to be completely displayed in our mutual game, Tournament Game: #April CUP Main Tournament 2022 (88114) R:2 (wenmorj vs thequietcenter), unless I shrink the font size down to something too small to read (on my 1080p display)

  2. On his user page, hi have fun i cannot chat in just go software, I cannot see his entire username, regardless how small I shrink the font.

  3. Taken together, I think these point to integration issue between OGS and ‘Just Go’ in terms of character limits and bounds checking. Not certain either side is ‘at fault’ just a design edge case perhaps not considered by either OGS or ‘Just Go’

  4. While it is nice for this user to use a descriptive username to let other players know of his chat limitations… perhaps some other approach is needed. Again, I do not know enough to know which side needs improvement

I only raise this topic for awareness for the OGS developers. I know foreseeing edge case in Software design/implementation can be a never ending time sink.


I’ve posted a link to this thread to the Discord server of “Just Go”.

You can join that server with this invitation: Just Go

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The developer is aware, several people have pointed out that some features need to be added to the OGS integration (chat, rematch, game review, etc). The discord server is full of bug reports and feedback. I think given time, the dev will eventually find a solution, but the list is long.

For this issue in particular, I think it’s probably on OGS to enforce the length limit server side - otherwise I consider that a valid username…