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I was just curious about what other players think of the setting “Auto-advance to next game after making a move”, which as the name itself describes allows you to move on quickly through your remaining active games once you make a move. I for one, while I understand and see the potential of this setting, I don’t really like it since I play correspondence games (usually around 10 games at the time) and I like to setup conditional moves. The thing is, with this setting enabled, I have to manually go back and find the game and then enter any conditional moves which is a bit frustrating.

I realize of course you can switch this on and off anytime as you like, but if your browser clears cookies automatically with each session, then you are stuck with this setting enabled every time you log in. For which I suggest to turn off this setting as the site’s default. The way I see it, anyone using cookies for this site can still make a simple switch and it will be saved permanently in their computers, but for those who don’t store or delete cookies frequently (and dislike this setting, that is) it would be a huge user experience improvement.

So what do you all think of this setting and this suggestion? If it’s really not popular then there’s nothing to do… but I thought I should ask :slight_smile:

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When I played correspondence, I too turned that off. I guess I would ask first whether your browser has the option to exclude ogs when it deletes all the cookies.
I think leaving it on by default is best.
Anyone who doesn’t like it can look for the setting and turn it off. But not everyone causally browses the settings page for features they might like but have been turned off by default for some reason.
Also, from the devs point of view, why go to the effort of coding in a feature that you’re just going to leave off by default?
To me it’s far better that everyone gets the whole package and then can take away the parts they don’t want on a user by user basis.

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Or dodge the problem altogether by storing settings server-side instead of in a cookie.


That really would be awesome! They do it for the forum so I’m really not sure why they don’t do it for the main site… might be that it’s a discord feature but still think it’s worth storing serverside.

From memory, the last time this came up, the reason given was that many people play on more than one device, and like to have different settings based on the device they use rather than the account (such as submit move or double tap on phones or tablets and single click for computers).

To be fair, the average person really doesn’t delete their cookies all that often…

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Thanks for your replies, I just wanted to know what people thought about this in particular. I agree that saving account preferences server-side is the better solution although using cookies is not that terrible, especially since it’s probably very few users that are “bothered” by this. In any case, I think it’ll be easier to use a separate browser where I can just keep cookies instead of deleting them.



Dedicated OGS browser; I love it!

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