Change "friends" to acquaintances

I recently purged my friend list because it was getting too long. Most of the people in the list were people I had only played once. Do those people receive a message saying that they have been “unfriended?” I don’t mind if they want to keep me as a friend, I just don’t want to keep seeing their status in the left menu. It would be nice to be able to demote them to an “acquaintance.” :wink:

Haha, acquaintance might be nice.

No they don’t get a notification if you’ve removed them from your friends list, we felt it was better to have that be a silent operation.

I assume that I stop showing up in their friend list though?


I do the same thing from time to time, and usually, if I have only played them once or twice, I leave them a private message, that I just don’t know them good enough to be on my friend list, because I want to keep it short with good friends. It’s polite and never caused any drama so far. :blush:

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