Change in ranking handicap vs even game

hi, new to this forum.

Was wondering whether handicap ranked games affect the fluctuation of the ranking differently than an even game between players of different rank. Say that I am 7 kyu playing vs a 1 kyu and get 3 stones handicap. Would my ranking increase a lot more if it were an even game vs beating him with 3 stones? Just curious.


Hi! Welcome to the forum!

Yes it absolutely would. Our rating formula calculates an equivalent rating if handicapped stones are used, and then uses this for the result comparison to decide rating change.

So, in other words, if you played an even game it would adjust the points based on a 7k vs a 1k but if you play with 3 stones handicap it’ll adjust the points based on a 4k vs a 1k (or maybe a 7k vs a 4k, I don’t remember which direction it goes) but this will be reflected in how much both players’ rating points shift.