Change player ranking

TheDemelza, needs a rank change.

Also any idea on how we stop people from picking ranks that are to high for them.

Done. :sunny:

People will always pick false ranks by accident or on purpose. It’s a dynamic process and nothing we’re too worried about. We will implement more and more measures over time on how to find ranks better and quicker for people.

Thank you kindly, I guess forcing all new accounts made to be forced set to 30k is not an option? High ranking players might not like that idea.

While it sounds intriguing to use a system like that (How KGS is using it, for example), it actually brings up a lot of other problems; which are equally hard to come by.

A perfect ranking system is close to impossible to create. :blush: We chose to do it in the current fashion, and will try to improve the system (and have been improving several times already) over time.

I also play more often against people with a false Rank. A solution could be, that new player have to absolve against a bot or a player something like a testgame. The points of the result and the self-classification of the player will reveal more about a rank.