Change user name please

During account creation I somehow missed (or it didn’t exist?) the option to change my user name
from my email address. I am concerned about privacy since my user name is now my full name.
Would it be possible to change my user name to something else? Ideally phoboid.
Or give the option to change the user name in the profile settings, or give the option to delete the account
and then recreate it.


“phoboid” is already taken, any other ideas?

maybe just henrikr?

Done! Please log out of the forums and log back in to have the change reflected here too.

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Awesome, thank you so much!
Great support on OGS :slight_smile:


Hello, Sir. Could you change my user name in this forum please. 寒寒 is what i want to have. thx very much ^^

The forum usernames are linked to the main site, I can’t change only the forum name. I see your name was already changed on the main site, try logging out of the forum and logging back in.

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