Change username

Can I change my username? For some reason it was created with an alphanumeric string at the end. I just want it to be “tnschneider”. Thank you.

Uhm, I found this account named “tnschneider”, and then two others that begin with “tnschneider”: one of them with the mentioned alphanumeric code at the end and one with the email domain … it seems that you may have created different accounts instead of logging in.

The tnschneider account looks like it’s an account I created a long time ago and forgot about. The other two are the same. I can log in with google, or by typing in my gmail address. However, the displayed username is the same for both, the one with the random string.

If an account already existed with the name that’s trying to be used with your google social auth login then we’ll append a random string like that to the end of it. You should try to recover your original account.

Thanks, I’d rather keep this account if possible, since I’d like to keep my stats. Can you change the name to tnschneider1 instead?

OK, changed your current acct to “tnschneider”.

(and changed your other old accounts to “tnschneider_obsolete1” and “tnschneider_obsolete2”)

OK, thanks very much.