Changed Name, Lost Friends

Hi! I recently changed my username on OGS from “Atomizer” to “S15YPHUS.” However; I realized after I changed my name that my friends list was purged. Is this a bug or an intended consequence of changing your name? Note I am not necessarily looking to get my friends list back, I just thought that I might alert someone that this a potential issue.


That is rather improbable, your friends are linked to your usernumber, not username and the number stays the same.

Are your friends not just offline and thus hidden or something like that? :slight_smile:

I don’t think that is the case, seeing as I only have one friend now (online or offline) whom I made after my name change. As long as this does not seem to be a problem for anyone else, then I am sure that I did something client-side. Thank you for the response!