Changing wins and losses in elimination tournaments

I am the tournament director of a single elimination tournament. There was an issue with one of the games, and the person that was supposed to win the game didn’t win it. They brought this to my attention and asked me to change it in the tournament. I am asking, how exactly would I go about doing this? I could change the point values, but I have no clue if that would do anything or mess up the tournament, so I don’t want to edit those unless I know what will happen. The only other option the tournament director has in a tournament is that I can disqualify people, but this would not solve my problem. If anyone knows what I should do, please tell me. Thanks.

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To the best of my knowledge there is nothing a T.D. can do about this.

It is incumbent upon participants to ensure that results are correct by not accepting a wrong result and by calling a mod where necessary and justified. Even then mods can’t reverse a game result once it’s been accepted, only annul for ranking porpoises.




Should I just tell this to the person then? I feel bad, but then I can’t do anything about it.

Yeah, that’s about all you can do. If the misjudged game was reportable then you or anyone can also do that (preferably from inside the game using the ‘call mod’ option).

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One time I handled this in a simultaneous McMahon tournament and adjusted points

Mcmahon and round robin tournaments are different. You can’t change wins and losses but you can change points that someone has. The workarounds that exist in those types of tourneys don’t exist in elimination tournaments.

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