Chaning the scoring mode and punish timeout inducers


I propose a serious change to the scoring system.

Considerations :
First, it should not take 4 minutes to remove the stones.

Second, if my opponent does not agree, it should not be my responsibility to keep playing. There should be an upper limit of the number of disagreements a player makes.

If he still disagrees, there should be a valid reason for that.

In short

*Limit the times a player can disagree on the score.
*Demand a reason if he still disagrees.
*Win by stone removal timeout should not be considered as win by resignation or win by normal timeouts. This makes it easy to identify these players just from their profiles.

In fact, it should be easy to identify players who wins by stone removal timeouts frequantly as a admin. E.g. high frequency of scoreing disputes and the agreed scores tend to differ fro fro pm what the bots estimate (scores estimated by the bots are not always reliable, but is useful to identify cheaters).

P.s the game is here.

And another ugly win from the same player

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