Chat ban questions (Woah didnt knew ogs had a forum thingy)

i will keep this short- i was chat banned- revar obasan said it was for a day but i made a new acc which supposedly is against rules so apparently i dont know my chat banned got extended- ok so how long is it then 2 days? a week or a month or permanent~ i would like to know if possible~

I guess emailing them or asking a friend to message them (in case you got ip banned) is the best way to get an answer. I heard you need to write an apology letter to get unbanned in some situations.

Ps. Are you sure calling revar “obasan” won’t add a few more days to your ban?

SOftMint, if you make another account and don’t wait then you’ll get banned for longer. I’m still chat banned from about 2 weeks ago but I’m not making another account because I know if I do it’ll be a lot worse for me then it is right now for me. SOftMint pm Revar and ask her.

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How does someone manage to be banned from a Go chat?? :flushed:


By Trolling?


Overall chat here is pretty good… but it’s the internet, so of course trolls

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just overly butthurt ppl reporting meh >_> i made sure i said no foul language and no insultings- but meh whatevs i just want to know if its a perm ban or a temp so i can move on to tygem for good

If that’s your attitude, I hope you enjoy tygem :slight_smile:


Being chat banned here is not a big deal. It is pretty common. A lot of my friend/acquaintance here (around 10 ppl) has been banned/chatbanned at some point. They are decent people who troll too much or like to get on mod’s nerve.




We are friends?!?!