Chat entries that are [ Hidden ] [ Visible at end of game. ]

Summary: A vs. B

(A.) [ Malkovich ] [ Leave a note that will only be visible after the game. ]

(B.) [ Hidden ] [ Visible at end of game. ]

When you click Chat and get Malkovich, the text entry field reads “Leave a note that will only be visible after the game.” The part of this text one needs to see is not necessarily visible in typical window sizes. Suggest shortening the text to fix this problem; for example, “Text hidden until end of game."

Better yet…

If the obscurantist “Malkovich” (I know John M, saw that film but I had to have this explained; ever consider this is totally senseless to a lot of people?) was changed to “Hidden”, the entry field’s preloaded text could be “Visible at end of game." and be 3 characters bigger.

Refer to ghost-in-chat-box for background.

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I agree. I rarely go to see films. So until you mentioned this and I investigated this further, I had no idea to what/whom “Malkovich” was referring. :thinking:

I now understand, but that is still no excuse to continue its use.

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I’ll just leave this here:


AFAIK, Malkovich games were invented in Go Discussions, a now deceased forum.

L19 is the successor, and there they have this post:

INTRODUCTION - What is this ‘Malkovich’ stuff?


So? The topic states “I suggest renaming the obscure Malkovich Log to simply “Private Notes” (or “Notes” for short.)”

I did not address the name of the log and it dos not address the name of the chat field or the text that appears in it. Ar the notes private after the game ends? If not they are not private notes. As it is, they appear as part of the chat log the creator sees; presumably that is how thy are revealed to the recipient at end of game? Why do they need a separate log? There is not necessarily anything special about their content.

One does not have to look up “Chat” on Sensei’s Library so why is S.L. relevant? Frankly, I don’t really see the relevance of the movie but admit it is sort of cute. The fact it comes from a dead forum is all the more justification for using it :smiley:

If you search “Malkovich” on google, you’ll see how useful a term it is to identify something to do with Go. :laughing:

P.S. I’ve played go a long time. Only reason I know L19 exists is it got mentioned several times in the only other go server forum I look at; I’ve never looked at it. Instead of referring to arcana, consider things more from the point of view of someone who just found out the game exists and is playing their first game.

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