Chat makes game page unmanagably laggy

so… ive been having the problem, that whenever chat fills up or the game tree grows too many branches (not to mention both…), the game/review page becomes laggy to the point where its impossible to do anything at all basically :slight_smile:. has anyone else experienced this? is there something i could try to do to remedy this, or is my CPU just too weak (entirely possible :P)?

This occurred last year when there was an open group game versus Royal Leela (anyone could vote for a move). The discussions became so long that the lag got horrible. Then anoek did something, and the problem went away.

Interestingly, in another thread nearby, anoek mentioned that the lines loaded in to chat are limited to 1000 … which the thread was seeing as an issue because they couldn’t follow the whole Haylee game chat.

You’d have to think this limit was put in place for this sort of reason :slight_smile:


hmmmm… that doesnt bode well. the problem seems to exists on my end then. its there for me and easily reproducable. cant say more than that.

it sounds like that should help :slightly_frowning_face:, but, sure enough, im still having these issues. maybe my machine cant handle a few 100 lines of text :thinking:

looks like ill have to move my reviews to KGS or something… or ask people not to talk in them xD.