Cheating on OGS

. Just wanted to warn everyone about this. The post has ended :smiley:

You don’t need to play a game whith time settings which don’t suit you. You can cancel (or timeout) a game within the first few moves without penality.

Just Look at the guys match history and look at the games. -.-

Yeah there’s nothing about this that is disallowed. I personally think you’d be crazy to accept a game with those time controls but who are we to say what people should use? You don’t have to accept a game with these time settings.

At the same time if you do by accident you can just cancel the game and not suffer ill effects.

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I understand now I am a newbie and did not realize you could see how much time before you accepted the game.

Games that time out this way don’t count towards rankings, so even if this person is choosing these time controls to get cheap wins it’s not going to benefit them in any way.

I wouldn’t necessarily assume ill intent here. Maybe he just really likes to play blitz games. For all we know, he’s the one suffering for not being able to find many able to commit to finishing a blitz game with him. For the people that are joining his games, why should we assume that they don’t know exactly what they are getting themselves into. Even those who mistakenly get into a blitz game, cancelling or timing out early completely annuls the game.

Most of those games have actually been annulled, which has no impact on record, rating, or rank.