Choose new Articles of the Week for Sensei's Library

Article of the Week is a Sensei’s Library feature: it’s a featured article that appears embedded on the front page of Sensei’s, with a short description of its content.

The idea began in 2004, as Page of the Month. At the start of 2009, Article of the Week began; it ran consistently from 2009 through 2010 and 2011, into the start of 2012, when it was discontinued.

It was brought back for a while in 2014, before lapsing again.

In May of last year, the Articles from Sensei's Library thread started here. That was the catalyst for a revival effort which started in that August.

For a few months from August to November 2021, Sensei’s Library featured articles on Segoe, Fujisawa and Cho; the Shodan Go Bet, the Samsung 2004 Dispute, DashN server style, the Guanzi Jiazhi endgame manual, Bill Spight’s ELF exercises, 101Weiqi, the new longest professional game, and finally the Argentine Go Association.

However, because of a lack of input in the informal nomination & discussion thread, Article of the Week was abandoned again.

This is what I’m thinking: how about we all nominate some of our favourite articles?

That way, we could create a good list which would sustain Article of the Week for the rest of this year and beyond. We’d only need something like thirty suggestions to see us to the end of 2022, but the more the better.

Ideally, suggestions should not have been Articles of the Week before (I linked the 2009, 2010 and 2011 archives above), but we don’t need to stand on ceremony about that.

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I’ll start by nominating

I feel like this part is the part that sounds very tedious, although maybe coming up with a longer list than needed first, and then trimming overlap might be the least tedious way.

There isn’t some way for sensei library to just automate it by any chance is there? It needs somebody to manually change it?

I assume it wouldn’t be overly interesting to just pick recently edited articles, and maybe the random article link is too random?

I hope you’re not thinking that Article of the Week means an article created in that week.

The article just appears for a week on the front page of Sensei’s.

I would’ve thought it’d be pretty quick to use a ctrl-f on the three archive pages, but it that is a pain then you don’t have to bother.

Any contemporary topics (post-2014), apart from the ones mentioned in the OP, won’t have been covered before anyway.

I’m not sure why that would logically follow from what I said.

It depends, I suppose on what you choose to search and how it’s written. It didn’t look like ctrl+f with the url worked. Lee Sedol is down as Yi Se-tol, but if one imagines just with pro players you have to filter through any other mentions of the name. Three three invasions you’d have to search 3-3 etc.

Maybe it’d be quicker to use the console and look for the url link, assume that the article title hasn’t changed in the last 13 or fewer years, and it’s still the old one on the archive for example.

The other thing though, presumably 3-3 invasions have changed since the time it was featured in 2009, so wouldn’t recycling some be ok?

Whatever you want to nominate is fine. It would only be preferable if the articles hadn’t yet been featured.

It seems to me that there is no demand for an Article of the Week.

If you want a few that I remember being interesting

Maybe a page/stub could be created for the European Go Journal with some relevant links/descriptions.

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On that note, we could have Go magazines.

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The usual culprits:

Shin Jinseo
Ke Jie
Park Junghwan He’s been featured, but it was a long time ago. The same goes for Iyama Yuta.

There are a lot of other pretty strong and famous pros who could be featured as well.

Tsumego collections?

The CEGO Academic System is important to recent western Go history, although its article isn’t great.

The big Japanese three titles would be good candidates: the Kisei, Meijin and Honinbo.

Not to mention the Oza, Tengen, Gosei and Judan.

There’s also the crop of young Japanese titleholders: Ichiriki Ryo, Shibano Toramaru, Kyo Kagen and Seki Kotaro. They’d make for modern topics.

Also the list of Twitch streamers and the list of Youtube channels.

Not a complete list by any means, but I am in a big hurry. I wanted to throw out one that immediately jumps to my mind. It was one of the first articles I stumbled across and it blew my mind. A research project followed, as well as a conversation with John Tromp himself. It was a real pleasure. Not as interesting as a lot of articles, unless big numbers about Go excite you :heart:

Number of legal Go positions

Hmm… actually I see now that the article is not listed on Sensei’s. In that case I will link directly to John Tromp’s page at Sensei’s.

John Tromp

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