Click to view group/tourney profile page

This is a wish for a feature like the view player profile feature for groups and tournaments.

If you want to see a player profile, you can center click the name, or even left click the name and then the ⓘ circle-i icon. It’s very convenient, even if that’s a little bit nosy and lazy. ^^

It would be nice to have an easy way similarly to view group windows and tournament windows. I can usually navigate to them somehow but there doesn’t seem to be a shortcut like the one for viewing player profiles, or I didn’t find it yet.

It probably couldn’t be a left-click -> ⓘ-icon sequence because left click already opens the chat window, which makes sense. Maybe a link or button could appear in or above the group/tourney chat window linking to the corresponding group or tourney’s page. (Except when you’re in the chat window that’s embedded in the tourney page, as you’re already there.)

Thank you for reading a feature wish!


@apipoulai, while posting your feature wish here will bring you some visibility, do you know that we meanwhile use UserVoice for voting on feature wishes? Might be best to post there, too, and add a link to it here.

(I personally am a bit suspicious, though, that many a good feature suggestion might get buried under the sheer number of wishes.)

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Oh, thanks! You know, I thought that “User Voice” was about voice audio for users; it just dawned on me that it’s more like Vox Utilii (or whatever would be Latin for “Voice of the Users.”)

Yeah, this is just a wish. I’ll keep User Voice in mind for future reference then.

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