Click Zoom on Goban for Phones

So I’ve been playing on BadukPop recently and I really love how clean and pretty it looks. While playing on my phone I also played on OGS. I now realize it is much easier to play on BadukPop because of their zoom feature. OGS does have confirm move but I still have to fight with the board to move the stone to the right spot sometimes.

My hope is that if the screen size is <x size then when you click it will zoom in and let you click the spot more accurately. It zooms our after plazing the stone and after 1-2 seconds of wait time. This could also be a toggle in settings.

Anywho this I my feature request!


Welcome on the forum, cellphone!

This feature exists on some other apps (IGS? Crazy stones?)
It makes putting a stone easier but can be a strain for your eyes and at each move you lose the global view (which is an important aspect of the game)
So some like, some not, but i agree that it would be nice to have it as one of the options to play your move, afterall.

I zoom sometimes with 2 fingers when playing at the very edge of the board. It’s indeed very hard to play a move on that first line with my big fingers. An alternative way would be to render that gestual more efficient when needed, like making a zoom at a fixed size, with a better focus and a submit button integrated in the zoomed screen (Maybe one more option :sweat:)