Clock bug and suggestion

Display both days and hours left for any amount of time between 1 day to 1 week, e.g., “1 day 7 hrs”, “2 days 12 hours”, “3 days 20 hrs”, etc., and also round down the hours when in this time range. At or above 1 week, just displaying only days left (rounded down) might be fine.

Currently, for the clock on longer games, hours are displayed when under 48 hours left, but only days rounded up seem to be shown for anything over 48 hours left. There’s a substantial difference between 49 hours and 71 hours, and it would be nice to be able to easily distinguish between the two. The rounding up might also give the false impression of having more time available.

Also, when the max setting is only 3 days (such as for ladder games), “4 days” is displayed if a player is maxed out and it’s not his/her turn to play. Is 72 hours being “rounded up” to 4 days? For a new user unfamiliar with the default ladder time settings, this could be quite confusing/misleading.

All of this might lead to additional, inadvertent timeouts from players who misunderstand how the clock is displayed.



(just so it doesn’t go unnoticed by the powers that be :wink: )

Yeah, I hope it doesn’t go unnoticed as well. A moderator or developer usually chimes in on nearly all of the OGS dev threads. I just changed the title to hopefully increase it’s visibility.

Bug 1: 48 hours and 1 minutes appears to be rounded up to “3 days”, 50% rounding error in the dangerously misleading direction.

Bug 2: Clock maxed out at exactly 3 days (such as in ladder games) is displayed as “4 days” when it is not that player’s turn to move.

There is a bug in the puzzles. I had one set to private that Anok changed to public when I requested it. Only the first is public all the others on the collection remain anavailable

Actualy not all, just the ones that were in the collection before the change to public. At least at my end.

@yebellz Added to the todo list, will try and get it in in the nearish future.

@vougalar You should open new threads for bugs, or for things like that just message me directly. It’s only chance that I saw your response in this thread since it’s completely unrelated to the topic. (I’ll be fixing it up shortly though)

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