Closed game remains in active games list

This game is over. The opponent has resigned. However, the game continues to appear in the list of active games and has not influenced the ranking. There was a sequence of “Plan conditional moves” that was not exhausted. Maybe, this could be the cause of the bug.

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I’m experiencing this bug also in this game: . It still appears on my active games list.

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I was having the same problem. I planned to report it, but when I was making the github issue, I wanted a screenshot, and found the problem had solved itself.

Very interesting… this has happened at least a few days in a row now, right in the middle of the night (for me)… I’ll try and figure out what’s going on.


Two players in chat, sdas86 and conifer are reporting they can’t make new live games because they already have live games, although they actually don’t.

Hi Guys. I have the same issue. We ended a game but it is still in active. In such a case I can’t play any new live game since I already have the finished game as an active one.

Same problem here, thanks for taking care of it anoek!

littletry and baoyingwalao have stuck games as well so they are unable to play new games.

Yup, same…

Possibly related: all 3 games finished in first round of a live tournament ( ) but tournament page not updated and second round not started. (currently waiting about 7 minutes)

Same problem here. Finished a live game, but it’s still in my active games and thus I can’t play a new live game…

Sorry all, I think I’ve identified where it’s getting hung up, I should have this fixed up one way or another tomorrow.

Edit: I’ve disabled the limit that was preventing accepting new live games for the time being, so at least folks can play. Tomorrow will be trying to fix the games not being recorded as ended in a timely manner.


One more game 'in the middle of the night", finished about 30 minutes ago e and that still remains active.