CollectiveMind - Playing together on Twitch

Hi guys… I’m not sure this is a right category to post this, please move if it necessary.

I’ve made a bot who makes move on OGS based on voting in his twitch channel.

you can join a channel and just vote for specific move by saying

!move a10 in chat

2 votes are enough to make an immediate move. If after timeout we have equal amount of moves - system randomly choose a winner :slight_smile:

Sounds fun? Join! I’m just testing it so it still a bit buggy, but still a lot of fun


Twas fun, although @Fuseques came in and ruin the fun for me.

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Thank you for joining.

It was a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Well, I can’t join right now, but it would be great if such games will be held in the future (preferably with announcement in advance).

I really miss one of the features of one chess site - “vote chess”, where two teams can vote on moves and discuss the situation in private team chat.

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this is cool idea… We can start 2 twitch channel to test this.

I’m not sure how to announce this kind of events here.

Either by posting in chat or maybe try to get a moderator to get a banner beforehand.

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Having a banner would be nice :slight_smile:

I love banners :slight_smile:

I like this. Maybe because i am a natural leader :joy:.

I would join if you announce these games in advance!

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CollectiveMind won 2 out of 2 so far

Any plans to do this again? Looks like fun :slight_smile:

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I wonder whether a Collective Mind team of top pros could beat AlphaGo.


How about next weekends? :slight_smile:

im usually free on weekends. but in most cases i wont be able to say for certain :confused:.
sunday evenings would probably be best (gmt +1).

This weekend I’m not available, but that’s no reason not to do it if you’ve got enough people :slight_smile: (I’m GMT +1 too for future reference).