Commented game, experiment on principles 12k vs. 10k

Hi everyone

@acepoint started a series of commented games a while ago. The idea was to try to justify as many moves as possible based on basic go ideas.
Comments during the game were made by us both on the malkovich log. I hope that provides some additional insight why we made specific moves to the reviewer.

Interestingly, we start the game with ranks 15k vs. 14k and end up 4 ranks higher.


I like what y’all are trying to do here with the malkovich log and the comments.

Find my comments on your comments here:


Oh wow, this is great. Already a review? Thanks for looking at the game!
Edit: oh man, it’s amazing how many things I could’ve made better in a game i won… Great review, lots of suggestions and explanations, thanks again

I have improved my rank much here just by the habit of analyzing (reviewing without leaving a permanent record) each game I play (win or lose) as soon as the game is over. I can take the time to turn mere hunches that I had a better move, or a way to avoid disaster, into actual proof.

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When I look at the review, I see German comments only. This is confusing, since your posting is in English. I’ve given up, since my German is nicht so gut.

they both commented in english. what you are seeing is just some casual chat. to read up on their thoughts on the game you have to switch from chat to malkovich log, which is indicated by the small book above the chat window. it is not part of the review though, so you have to enter it from the game itself.

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As @kickaha noticed: even though our chat (good game, hello, nice game etc) was German, the important part for the review is the malkovich log which we both kept English for the purpose of a later review by someone else.
If you click on the symbol for malkovich log you see only English comments

I have never heard of “malkovich log” before. There is an actor, John Malkovich, but I don’t know that he has anything to do with go. Maybe, since you are already posting many comments, you can take a moment to explain what it is and how to get to it.


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Haha, I just knew the actor malkovich as well before I played here.
So I cannot say why it’s actually called malkovich log. I can try to explain however what it is. It’s like a private commenting area, where you can make notes during the game. These notes (or log) is private, just for you during the game but becomes visible to your opponent once the game is finished. This makes it ideal to write down notes during the game without telling your opponent your whole game plan.
You can access it with this icon above the chatting area:

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Its called malkovic log for the actor… or more precisely the film “being john malkovic“, starring john malkovic :grin:.
Look it up or watch it! Its good.

Hey, that movie is basic education :wink: of course I’ve seen it

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I think the problem with this Malkovich log is that it is not shown automatically when a game is over. One has to click the Book icon to see it. Since most players (in my experience) leave the game window immediately after the game is scored, they will never see this Malkovich log. It appears to be useful only when used explicitly and announced, such as is done in this posting. Too bad; it could be a help to those, like I, who like to analyze games afterward. I’ll never remember to click that Book icon unless I have some idea that this feature was actually used.

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its about the idea of being able to experience a players reasoning during a game… which is a little like entering a persons mind.

as for your other post: i think the best you can do is clicking the little number in the chat box, that indicates to which move the comment was made.
the other option is to shift+click the move you are interested it, that will tell you which number the move has, so you can look it up in the log… its not perfect.