Complaint about abusive chat

Please welcome our new F* word to the server. You can disturb people in private and get away with a “light” warning. That’s all I’m saying.

See you around

Sincerely from a will be deleted topic

Since when people became so rude? Calling new met people “dude” etc.

I recently closed and removed the thread in which the above post was made, because it caused unfortunate nastiness, and we needed a moment to come to grips with that.

Now, I think it’s important the the complaints in the above post are acknowledged.

  1. The OP was offended by some chat they experienced.

  2. The OP was not satisfied with how their complaint about this was handled.

We can see this in the post above.

However, the above post, and the resulting discussion, was not the right way to handle these problems.

Any person is welcome to post here a question or concern about usage at OGS, and if done politely, that concern will be respectfully assessed and if necessary acted on.

Any person is also sincerely welcome to challenge a particular ruling by a moderator. We moderators are human, we make mistakes, and we welcome the opportunity to redress those when they happen.

However, the way to do this is not to take a specific issue up in the forum. Rather, raise a report on the moderator (as you would any other person) and the moderation team will assess and handle it.

Thus it is easy to see that there are two possible helpful followups to this post:

  1. A calmer post raising points of concern about what might be acceptable language at OGS.

  2. A report to the moderators about a specific decision if that needs to be reviewed.