Complete newbie looking for teaching games from anyone


I have never played GO but I have read a few things about it. Watching games on here makes me want to try the game but I am afraid of players just completely crushing me. Please let me know if you can play teaching games with me. I will play any format, I just want to learn.

Edit: I am usually available 0:00 - 6:00 EST but other times can work

Hey, I am quite happy to play a few games if you’d like.

If you prefer live games it is probably easiest for me if you add me as a friend and then message me when you see me online and we can arrange a game. If you want to try correspondence just feel free to send me a challenge, I’ll accept.

That said If you really never played before it might actually be better (just my opinion that is) if you first played a few games before playing teaching games. Just to get the feeling for stones that are in atari and so on. These things come by themselves, but it is maybe harder to play a good teaching game until some basic understanding of the game is reached and one can focus on the “strategy” aspects. Also maybe you won’t even like playing, who knows…

I would encourage you not to be afraid to lose. We have all started some day and just yesterday I have watched a 3dan player get crushed by 120 points by an even stronger player… There is just no end to it and it’s perfectly fine to lose. You should be able to find some beginners as well to play “even” matches against. If you still find the idea scary it can also help to play some games on a smartphone. There are several apps that offer almost complete beginner level that is perfect to get started (computer programs are way too strong). Off the top of my head these are Crazy Stone Lite, or Go Free.

But if after all that rambling you still felt like playing me, we can certainly do it :smiley:

how do I add you?

upper left OGS logo (on OGS not here at the forums) opens menu, there is a search bar.
Search for any name and when you find it and click on it you get all the options.

(Also I just send you one, you should be alerted by a small notification)

Tygem 3d is very suspicious 3d. :wink:

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