Computer rejects all my game offers

Hi, I’ve been having trouble with starting computer matches. I set specifics, and when I submit, it says “Game offer was rejected”.

What should I do? :confused:


Play humans instead! :slight_smile: we are more fun anyway.

Other than that bots have usually some limitations which are usually specified in their profile. Like 19x19 games only for example, or max number of handicap stones etc… That might be the problem

Also, notably, a rank limit. The one I tried to play when I had this problem only accepts 15k or better, which I only realised after a few refusals.

If you’re trying to play RoyalLeela, please check her profile for all of the rules on what she’ll accept.

Hopefully in time bots can provide back customized rejection notices with an explanation attached.


Hopefully indeed, that would be really helpful in the curent situation. :joy:

But wouldn’t it be unusual that one would reject a 19x19 with no handicap stones? :thinking:

I think that might be the case, because I wasn’t customizing anything. :sweat: