Concerning rank and annulled tournament games

To avoid tournament disasters like the one happening now,, perhaps annulled tournament games should not affect rank. At the very least, live tournament games ending without a single move should not affect rank. Some users are going to wake up with an interesting surprise tomorrow, it seems.

Hi mark5000,

the current system works in the way that you describe. To affect rating, a game on 9x9 has to be 9 moves long, on 13x13 it’s 13 moves and on 19x19 you have to play 19 moves before any rating gets affected. :smiley:

It seems to act differently for tournaments. If you look closer at this player’s currently graph drop - you can see that the games which costed them points did simply time out due to permanent absence, but haven’t got annulled.

I think in the case of tournament games ranks are afected, @Franzisa.

Ah, I didn’t know. I wonder if it’s intended. Maybe the devs can clarify :smiley:

It is different for tournaments, we’re going to change how that works though in the future so it doesn’t hammer your rating. Until then, anyone affected should contact a moderator and we can restore your rank.