Conditional moves error - warning


I wanted to post a warning about possible issues with conditional moves.
Here’s a screenshot of my game -

1 - My setting was different to what was set (I swear). The app somehow changed the sequences.
2 - The red cross for cancelling a sequence is not working, when I try to cancel lower branches it is not even displayed.

Changing a browser could help but it didn’t work in my case.
My game was paused by OGS support until the problem is resolved.

If any of you had the same problem, you may share it here.


I shall keep an eye out for this, thank you for sharing.

@anoek , this is R558

Very interesting, I’m currently trying to figure out how it got into that state…

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@DonKebabescu would it be possible to open up the javascript console (ctrl-shift-i) , try and remove the branch, and let me know if there are any errors that show up?

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Sure, just let me know exactly what should I do, do you want me to send you my screen of the console view?

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If there’s any errors either a screenshot or copy paste the error code here should be fine :slight_smile:

Here’s the screenshot

The warning refers to this piece of code:

} else {
    console.error("deleteConditionalSegment called on other player's move, which doesn't make sense");
    -- actually this code may work below, we just don't have a ui to drive it for testing so we throw an error

    let cmove = null;
    if (mv in this.current_cmove.children) {
        delete this.current_cmove.children[mv];

@anoek here is a link to the function the error came from

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Excellent thank you ! I have everything I need at this point I think, so feel free to play out your game.


OK, but these conditional moves still cannot be deleted.

Perhaps (in consultation with your opponent) you can circumvent the conditional moves by both passing and then resuming. That should break the tree.


Thanks Kosh, it worked, we continue the game.

Maube OGS team will find the root cause of the problem.