Connection to game server lost!

What the bloody hell is happening, for days now i have been having this problem and on the off chance i am able to play a live game, I will now lose said game because my time is going to run out. !!!

yes, i lost connection forever too, what hell is the server going on:joy:

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Well i just lost my game… and it was a good game too. So i would by lying if i said i was not a little pissed. but apparently its for two reasons, one being that “Master” (alpha go) has been bringing in more online trafic to the site, and another reason is a DoS attack.

You dont have to worry about points loss from the timeout as the mods will gladly return the rating points to you if you show them the game link. If you want to continue the game with that player on a later date you can fork the game and challenge them and start off where you left off


its not fully disconnected, but sometimes ok, sometimes isnt, very annoying

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im not entirely sure how to get the points back and the points thing is of little issue to me anyways, i can win or loose points with other games and such, and i dont think many people would be willing to go back and play the dame game again. .

sometimes okay is not quite good enough when it disconnects mid game -_-