Coordinating German translations


I am in the process of translating as much as possible for the German version using thee translation server.
I have an issue that I would like to coordinate with the other German translators but I could not find such an option on the translation site. The problem is that we have a mixture of two different salutation types in the translations (yes, this is German, it’s complicated) and it seems that translators are not agreeing on one format which results in someone overwriting someone else’s translations.

If some one from the German translators read this I would like to propose to constantly use the Du-Anrede as this is much less formal and matches usual communication style on the OGS site. Or did you ever chat with your opponent using “Sie”?

Sorry for misusing the forum for this but it was the only option I found.



A clear vote for ‘Du’ from my side.


Wenn man sich Sie so ansieht, scheinen duzende Übersetzungen doch günstiger. :smirk:

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I’m German and an old fart (i.e. a respectable elderly man :joy:), and I’d be offended if OGS would address me with the formal “Sie” :smiley:


SIE is dead, long live DU!


Ok then I will continue fixing the Sies.


Sehr geil, und danke für Deine Arbeit!

Awesome, and thanks for your work!


My pleasure to help out. I am 65% through with the translation and wonder, if I need to do something to let it go live. Will someone approve the changes?

I am done with going through all translations and make them consistently using the same salutation (“Du”). Unfortunately, there where already 7 suggestions to switch to “Sie” again. I have declined all of them. However, the process on how those changes will go live now is unclear to me and I fear that other translators, who did not read this thread will overwrite my changes as time passes.
Any way to avoid that?

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Well, time to grab the pitchforks.

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@anoek thoughts on this one?

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TBH, using the formal “Sie” for a Go server would be like assuming that our users were all sitting in front of their screens wearing suit and tie

… plus a broomstick up theirs …

… and a Pickelhaube on their head …


Are you saying there are people that don’t play online go this way? Fascinating!



how I play


The picture of perfection personified!

I’m not sure how much control I have over per-language permissions, I’ll dig into it tomorrow and see if I can maybe make it so German isn’t “everyone can edit”.


Maybe a language could be lockable once it reaches 100% translation?

well, unfortunately strings change on a pretty regular basis

I do not think it has to be locked. Now it should be clear to everyone now that “Sie” is not the preferred salutation as you will not find a single string using it.
Once everything is live potential translators will anyway experience the “Du”-salutation consistently on the OGS server and will hopefully not come to the idea to change that again.


OK cool, well the translations will be going live today so hopefully we’ll be good :slight_smile: