"Copied branch to conditional move planner"

Whoa, I just tried that button to see what it would do, that is so cool!

When did we get that?


When did we get what?

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A button to “Copy branch to conditional move planner” (as per title :wink: )

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Located in the analyse mode and left of the dustbin there is copy/paste branch.

Copy / paste branch:

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-02-23 om 12.20.52

Apparently a branch can be copied into the conditional move planner, which is only available to the players if In-game analysis is not disabled for the game.

Interesting to know, although I don’t see what use it can have yet.
So, I wait until smarter forumistas find a use for it.

To be continued I hope.


I guess the idea would be, say in correspondence, you’re playing around with some variations.

You think of one variation you’re fairly happy with, it’s then a bit annoying (probably) to leave analysis and go into conditional moves, set it up accept and come back to analysing.

So my guess is it lets you set up conditional moves while analysing lots of variations.

I would be curious to test it and see what happens - what happens if you give it conflicting things, and so on :slight_smile:


July 2020

So you were a bit slow to pick it up.


Man, yeah!? How did I not notice that until now!?

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The copy analysis branch to conditional moves only appeared last week I think

It’s this button @Atorrante



Good news for @Eugene. Not slow. :smiley:
Only last week did the marked arrows (see prev post) appear.

For those who don’t watch the GitHub repo, @turtoise has fixed a ton of bugs on the site too. We are very lucky to have you as a contributor!


Turtoise snuck that awesome feature in with their usual stream of bugfix and code improvements - nice!