Copy Branch in Demo Board

I receive an error message when using the copy branch function in a demo board. When i try to paste, a “move conflict” error pop up appears.

Can someone explain how to correctly use the feature?

My use case is this: I have entered 200 plus moves and have found an error in the placement of one stone on move 25. I’d like to copy moves 26-200, correct move 25, then paste moves 26-200 back into the corrected tree.

Any thoughts?

I can’t really explain how or if it works. But if you don’t want to enter again all the moves you may export the game and edit itwith a sgf editor (even in a notepad if it’s just one move ). You can find more on the sgf format on sensei library, it is quite simple.

When I was writing a bit of the wiki about keyboard shortcuts

CTRL+V Paste branch onto current node, provided there are no move collisions. Stone colors may swap if pasted when the opposite color is to play a move compared to the start of the copied branch.

I can test it out again, but I think it might copy from the current node and paste onto the current node.

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