Corner pattern

How should one play the corner pattern at move 79? It’s Thanks!


You can link the url in the forum, its easier to find the game

I left 2 possible moves, but i’m in no means an expert about that weird double pincer shape, maybe someone like mark5000 knows the best xD

Made a review there. Jumping into 3 x 3 after the first pincer seems to lead to reasonable results. I couldn’t find a good move after the double pincer. 5 x 5 seems to lead to white being captured.

You can still go to the corner (3-3) after the double pincer and it seems fine.

Anything else will give you heavy fighting so it is hard to give you a simple idea. Black is strong in the area so fighting should be a last resource if you are behind. Your fighting sequence looks OK, what about playing Q15 at move 86?