Correspondence game with only a certain time to play next move after having seen the previous one?

Not the one you referred to, I just made it up for the occasion.


“Game time” tension of a live game, with “real life” time flexibility of a correspondence game.


This is another old suggestion for this feature.


I think it matters because it sets expectations.

As a variation of correspondence, I would very much dislike this feature. I would feel very uneasy if I was playing a correspondence game, but there was an “acknowledgement of receipt” feature that spied on me and reduced my thinking time every time I opened the game but didn’t play my move.

As a “sealed move” game, and a warning that hid the game until I acknowledged that I was ready to play live, it would make a lot of sense.


Yeah, I agree with this. There needs to be an acknowledgment feature; that’s the main point of my past two messages.

I was just saying that from my perspective, it seems a little arbitrary around the edges whether you classify it as a variant of “live” or of “correspondence”. So long as the acknowledgement feature is in place, it shouldn’t matter, as far as I can tell.

Although, @Conrad_Melville brings up a good point:

So I suppose that it might make sense to just categorize it entirely differently, as “sealed move” rather than as a variant.

I disagree with this point, though. The delay I add to correspondence games is nearly 100% due to procrastinating making difficult decisions or putting off a move that involves a lot of reading, which is something I can only do after I’ve seen the board. I know for a fact I’m not the only one who does this. Sure, maybe this doesn’t apply to everybody, but it would certainly make at least some players play faster in this kind of tournament.


Yes, this applies to me. I would play faster with a “live” turn timer when I open the game, because I also procrastinate and stop thinking about a game if I have several days left to think.

It’s because of that habit that I timed out of a game and was disqualified from the Through the Years tournament. :pensive:


There’s heaps of room. Look at all that space occupied by boring glass and clouds :wink:

Isn’t it the case that this succinctly summarises the experience that the OP is looking for?

So I think the correct response to this observation is “yes.” .