Correspondence teaching game, not more than 10kyu

I am around 17-15 kyu. Looking for a correspondence teaching game 19x19 with somebody around ~10kyu who can teach about some basic and intermediate things. Like mistakes in joseki and fuseki, life and death, missed chances, Ko, aji, etc.

Review with analysis lines during or after the game is welcome. Not more than 2-4 moves a day for each side, ok if it lasts for a month or two.

I would prefer to play black with 4 handicap stones, but these two conditions are not necessary.


Hello, I am currently 7kyu (subject to change) I am willing to play with you, and or, review any of your past games with you and talk about different ideas. my knowledge of joseki is not at all extensive. I am starting to study joseki now. but I know quite a few basic ones. you can send me a friend request and a challenge with your handicap!
please make it non ranked

Ok, will send you an invite for handicap unranked correspondence 19x19 game.

If you want another, hit me up.

I have a fairly solid idea of what things got me from 17->13 k, happy to share those.

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Thanks for the reply. Should I invite you for a correspondence game?