Could a moderator rename my username

I accidentally set my username to my email address. Pretty silly. If it’s possible, I’d like my username to be ian-s-mcb. I just won my first ever match, and I’d like to keep this account.

Thank you,

Ian-s-MacBookPro? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. Thanks @Issho. I’ve actually not gotten that comparison before. :thinking: Mac and Mc last names are common in Ireland and Scotland, and I guess most people here in USA are familiar with those names.

Uhm … there are two accounts, one named like the one you’ve been posting here from, and one that’s just the same but with “@” and the email domain.

So, which one should be changed to include hyphens instead of dots (and in one case w/o the email stuff, of course)?

Oh, and now I see you already HAVE one account like you are wishing: ian-s-mcb!

So, you have THREE accounts here already … maybe you should decide which one to use :wink:

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Oh, boy. I’m a mess. Sorry. :flushed: What can I do about those other accounts? I read that an account cannot be deleted. Is that so? Maybe those other accounts should renamed to avoid confusion, and this account could get the “ian-s-mcb” username.

I never meant to create additional ones. When I logged in today, and accidentally create two new accounts, I thought my original account was deleted because I remembered my profile saying it was “provisional” and I had had not used it in a couple weeks. Pretty silly.

@trohde Would it be too much to ask to rename those accidentals to something random? And then rename this account to ian-s-mcb.

No worries, I can relate :wink:


But … problem is this:

Acct. “ian.s.mcb” (30k, “this” account): zero games (at least zero visible to me, dunno abt possible private games)
Acct. “ian-s-mcb” (25k): nine games, all lost
Acct. “ian.s.mcb@…” (23k): one game, won

BUT you said you …

  • want to use the acct. with the won game
  • want to use “this” acct., i.e. the one you’re posting with in this thread.

Contradiction, i.e. you can’t have both.

Have I explained in an understandable way?

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Sure, I understand. I’d like to keep with the account with the one win (ian.s.mcb@…) and rename it to “ian-s-mcb”

On a separate note, when I log into the one win account and then click the forums nav button, I get to “this” account. Is “this” account not connected to the one win account?

Done! Please log out of the forums once to have the change reflected here.

I think the forums cut the “@…” part in the username when you log in.


Sweet. Thanks a bunch. OGS staff rock.