Could non-eval AI moves be highlighted better?


In the attached screenshot, the AI is displaying a few variations with stated evaluation. However, there are further variations (like at H4 and P2), only they are not stated with eval and are near impossible to spot (I’ve tried other normal board display settings, still very hard to make out these soft highlights). I was just wondering if some setting could be changed so that the contrast is greater, making these ‘auxiliary’ variations easier to spot?

Thanks for a great site / Knyttet

Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 15.14.46


This variations are just bad. The AI has evaluated them only a few moves deep and then decided they are too bad to explore further, leaving us with an very short variation and a imprecise Wingate estimation. Therefore we do not show the winrate for them. The only reason the faint highlights are still there is they are almost invisible and removing them would be more trouble.

Yeah, I also figured these variations aren’t promoted due to them being examples of inaccurate play— I was mostly just thinking that seeing a few moves of whatever the computer considered in order to deem a variation hopeless could be interesting at times. If, however, the accuracy of the computer analysis of those moves is so low as to render it hazy guesstimation at best, then I suppose those variations hold limited interest.

Thanks for the response!

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