Could someone help me? Review about 15k

Can you review that? I have no idea to improve!

Thank you very much

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i hope my review helps you along a bit.
I’m ~15k now, so please take my comments with the proverbial shovel of salt. :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask me, when something is unclear (i’m not a native speaker).
I find it useful to replay certain situations of my games on a real board to get a different view when playing around with them.

btw: i’m always looking for serious games, that is, with people who want to learn and improve. If you’re interested just pm me. :slight_smile:

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Aaaaand before I could share mine @Hrabanus published his very nice review with almost identical ideas… :slight_smile:
still, here is what I thought maybe you will find some inspiration there as well.

But I wanted to give you some general ideas of what I think:

  • If you want to improve, play a longer game and really think about your moves. Read them out in advance, consider what your opponent is most likely to do and then decide wheter it is the biggest move on the board. It is hard to improve if you play only on intuition.
  • It is kind of difficult to talk strategy on 9x9 board, but still. You need some plan for your stones and then follow through with it. You started extremely territorial and switched to extreme attack mode with your second move. You should have some consistency and your stones should cooperate together.
  • Do not try to kill everything by whatever means necessary. Yeah, killing a big group feels great, I agree, but a failed attempt only helps the opponent. It is often much more usefull to gain territorry and influence by attacking weaknesses from the outside.
  • learn to think about sente

For me number 11 was the worst move for black in the game.


but yours is much more thorough :+1:

Especially your points on general ideas should be nailed onto every beginners screen :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!