Could someone review my game? I played the Great Wall strategy interesting game!

19x19 Japanse rules.
I tried to play differently, read about the “Great Wall” strategy worked pretty good!
Start in the center!

Honestly, it’s hard to talk about strategy in this game, as white made such a big blunder in the beginning. You were skillful to make clean kills in the center, but white should not have found herself in this situation in the first place.

I would encourage you to keep testing this strategy and get a review of a more balanced game. In this game, white made a major mistake (worth maybe 50-60 points) that basically ended the game at move… 18!

For the record, other turning points that could have kept white’s group alive:
Move 166 misses the connection at E13
Move 222: could live with A10

Hope this helps.

2 Likes, this is the actual great wall fuseki, you played something else. At your level winning is possible with any fuseki (even passing 9 times at the start!) so keep trying new things and see what fits :grinning:


Thanks so much for taking the time to review! Your comment is a lot of help!