Could we go straight from "Analyse" to "Plan Conditional"

I can’t think of a time when I’d want to go straight from the game to “Plan Conditional Moves”. I always want to analyse first.

Similarly, after I’ve analysed, I’d generally like to either play my turn (because it’s my turn) or plan conditional moves (because it’s their turn). So having to go back to the game before planning conditional moves is an extra distracting click to have to make.



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It would definitely be very useful, but I imagine one would have to be very careful with submitting any trees in analysis mode as moves with planned responses, since those trees often end up with undesirable sequences as well.

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Btw. an issue has already been posted on github with similar request:

Right now, there is no connection between the analysis tree and the conditional moves tree.

I’m assuming that this would stay the same (and indeed for the reasons you point out, it should).

FWIW I want this feature for myself too, but I’m a bit buried in other stuff at the moment (and probably will be for awhile). However this feature doesn’t require anything from the server side, so if someone want implement it I’d be very happy to merge it

Edit: If someone wants to take a crack at it and wants a quick “This is how I’d do it” for a starting point let me know, the move tree and conditional move code are a bit big


I could be wrong, but I think I remember a long-ago ogs bug where game analysis could end up polluting the move planner. Not amazing if you’re in the habit of playing out sequences to confirm for yourself they don’t work!