Counting question when players disagree


I’m relatively new to Go and have a question about counting dead stones at the end of the game.
I passed after a game was finished in my opinion and the other player passed too. The computer marked the dead stones like I saw them too, and I was 1.5 points in front. But the other player didn’t accept that a group of his stones was dead, so I choose to continue the game and we played it out, that means mainly I had to place some stones to kill his group.
Afterwards we passed both again, and I had lost by 0.5 points because I’d set two more stones in my area to kill his group.
My question is, how are such problems solved in general? Until now I always accepted my dead stones and did not force the opponent to remove them by playing.
Afterwards I thought that in this special game I could also have rejected that some of my stones are dead and force the other player to set more stones in his area to kill my group, but I don’t think that this is the normal behavior, isn’t it? How do you handle such a situation?

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You don’t have to remove the stones from the board if there’s a disagreement. It’s good enough that the stones COULD be removed if you wanted to and then the stones are declared to be dead. It’s a bit hairy for online go servers because any attempt to show that reduces your score. Try telling your opponent what you could do to capture them and then report the game to a moderator if there’s still disagreement.


Ok, thanks for the explanation. Now I know what to do next time this happens. :grinning:

Maybe we could reverse it and ask the opponant : “prove that your stones can live” ? then, it’s him that has to put stones to make 2 eyes, and your replies won’t affect your score

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You placed stones, but he passed? Or what happened? The other player should of course react to your move and play there as well, thus (considering you win the exchange) giving you more captives and the score remains the same (-1 for territory but +1 for captive = 0). If you played there and he/she just passed, then yeah, he/she is a bastard :smiley: