CSRF Failure when trying to go on vacation

Unable to click “Go on vacation” button for at least the past week or so.

Browser: Firefox Quantum 57.0.1 (64-bit)
Last attempted at: Dec 1 7:46PM EST (-5 UTC)

(Works fine in chrome 62.0.3202.94, so I’ve used this browser for now)

See error and xhr details below, let me know if you require any other debugging info.
Some extra less useful images here, since I can’t post more than one in-thread as a new user apparently: https://imgur.com/a/f4aqP


Hmm, everything seems to be working fine for me on ff 57 and chrome, mobile and desktop - can you try logging out and logging back in maybe?

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

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I’ve had the CSRF problem since last March, when I first got Firefox 51. Now I have 57.0 (64-bit) on my Windows 8 laptop. I started this thread about the problem: Please Explain “CSRF Failed”

I’ve never tried going on vacation, but I can’t create or accept challenges using Firefox, nor edit my profile page. I’ve never done anything further due to lack of time and energy, but I guess the only hope is to contact the Firefox help desk. I’m not a computer guy, and I don’t even know what CSRF stands for, though the web seems to say it has something to do with authentication. Regular updates from Firefox have done nothing to fix the problem.

Interesting. Can you try logging in in a private browsing window and see if that fixes things?

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Yes! I opened a private window, and it let me edit my profile without giving me the “No CSRF token” message. I was also able to create a challenge. Thank you for solving this. I hope this also helps ujo_20.

Copying the reply from Please Explain "CSRF Failed" over to here for anyone else who is interested in this:

So, what the private browsing mode test does is to quickly check to see if it is likely an add-on / extension that you have installed that is causing the problem, since when you’re in private browsing mode most addons / extensions are disabled.

To figure out which is causing your problem, you can walk down the list and disable them in turn until it works, then figure out if you want to just live with the pain or uninstall the add-on :slight_smile:

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