[CURRENTLY FULL] Review/teaching game offers from AmateurMaster (Taiwanese 7d)!


Thanks! May 29th 1 AM UTC it is then. Please be on time and enjoy your game!


Hi, is June 12 the still available?



Yes! Please be on time and enjoy your game!


Sorry for slow reply what dates are still available I would be ok with any


June 5, June 19, June 26, July 3


June 5th open? If not, then June 6th please.


@Nullian June 5 it is then!

@Ce1 Please be on time for the match on May 15, it is starting in a couple of hours :slight_smile:

@Vicarios @Peregrinel @hikaru_no_good When would you guys like to play your reserved teaching games? June 19, June 26 and July 3 are still available.

@bitlux Enjoy your translated review! :smiley: https://online-go.com/review/244355


I’ll figure out mit holidays upcoming week. Match would be 3 AM CET and can’t do it while working :/.


@lvds Enjoy your translated review! :smiley: https://online-go.com/review/244606


June 19th please


@xhu98 Who will translate the paid teaching games?


@Peregrinel Got it!

@yesitsme Enjoy your translated review! :smiley: https://online-go.com/review/245194

@bitlux AmateurMaster won’t likely review his live teaching games for this free offer; he does have paid packages for teaching game + review. If you meant the latter, the translator is 95% likely gonna be me :stuck_out_tongue:


@Pond_Turtle Enjoy your translated review! :smiley: https://online-go.com/review/245467

@Vicarios AmateurMaster was having a hard time trying to read your questions :stuck_out_tongue: However please enjoy your translated review, I hope he answered most of your questions anyway! https://online-go.com/review/245469


@bluefiero Enjoy your translated review! :smiley: https://online-go.com/review/245653


Thank you for the review :)!
The only possible date for the game would be the 12 of June, since it’s not available someone else can take my spot.
Greetings to amateur master! Good luck everyone.


You are welcome! Unfortunately June 12 is already taken; @xanderharris, would it be okay for you to switch dates with @Vicarios? June 26 and July 3 are still available, and our hope is to give everyone a chance.

@hikaru_no_good What are your preferred dates?


@yellow Enjoy your translated review! :smiley: https://online-go.com/review/245657

@vlin Enjoy your translated review! :smiley: https://online-go.com/review/245659


June 12 is the only day I have off work so that was my only opportunity for the game, sorry


@xhu98 I have met a player who is willing to attempt translation if AmateurMaster is willing/able to speak in chinese (traditional preffered, but again I’m not being pushy :stuck_out_tongue:).


Also, what are the time controls foe the game? I couldn’t see it mentioned earlier.