Dangerous Mice

I’m playing a 13x13 tournament game that is on move 60 and began six weeks ago. Over the weekend a friend challenged me to a friendly game and we played a few moves.

Whenever I hit the ‘submit move’ button in the friendly game, the display was immediately replaced with the tournament game and the pointer on the “Pass” button.

If my computer mouse were to double-click, I would instantly lose the close and long fought tournament game.

It also took a few mouse clicks to return to the friendly game (home, scroll to Active Games, click on that board).

Is there a way that I can tell OGS not to switch boards when I hit ‘submit move’? (I’m new here.)

If not, then could the buttons please be rearranged so that an accidental double-click won’t cause action on two games?

thank you.

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Yes, Settings -> Game Preferences

And passing needs a confirmation so you won’t pass in only one click.


Thank you!

eek, a mouse! :astonished:

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That would appear (to me) to be, in fact, a rat. Contrary to popular understanding, far friendlier (and smarter) than mice, on average.