DDK 14kyu against SDK 7kyu

Hello fine folks,

i have a game here, where i THINK i lost, because of small issues here and there:

I found out, that maybe 4 smaller situation where key, why i lost the game??!

-> First is move 19 (which is probably NOT key, but would appriacite some commenting here)
How to resond to white 18?? I think b 19 was bad?! Maybe here J2??

-> Second is move 123 (also NOT key to game, but would know, if b can live in corner top left?!)

NOW the main 2 issues, why i THINK i lost the game.

-> Move 143 -> Here b played an aweful move?! What to play here instead, maybe first peep at D9?)

-> Move 179 HOW to fight here the best way, maybe play H14 hane?

THANKS for commenting and reviewing guys

Ah the game: ^^ https://online-go.com/game/26473532


Left my review. Here’s are some final comments. Forgive me if I sound rather blunt - I’m not good at softening my tone.

Your issues in this game are bigger than you think. You have one major one:

You’re way too much of a pacifist. You don’t cut when doing so is good and obviously viable, and you apparently never feel confident that you can kill because you never go after it.

These are critical issues beyond any individual fighting sequences. Keeping your groups connected is something that you probably know is important. But not cutting when it’s available is as bad as not keeping your own groups connected. Cutting your opponent does more than put pressure on them to save their groups, it also makes your own groups safer because your opponent needs to spend more moves to take care of their own groups. The same applies when you threaten to kill. Those are moves that your opponent is not using to attack you. You also gain sente moves against your opponent’s groups which help you settle your own groups.

White had a very comfortable time of it in this game, and a lot of it comes down to the fact that Black basically never bothered to cut apart White’s groups in the opening and midgame. Since White never had to deal with cuts, it never felt like it was in any real danger, and consequently it was able to go on a rampage throughout Black’s formation, collapsing its eyespace and destroying all territory.

Other than that, there are reading issues mainly concerning keeping your groups connected and securing their eyespace, but those you’ll get better with over time. On the strategic front there are direction of play issues, but those are a bit hard for at 14k to grasp just yet.

I will say that the 2 moves you pointed out are not the main issues in this game. This game is surprisingly close for how it started - White actually played unusually poorly in the middlegame for a 7k on these time controls. This game was actually lost by move 35, then brought back over the course of the middlegame because of repeated White mistakes. If you want to get better you should pay more attention to the early part of the review: you’ll get more out of the comments I left on the opening than on the middlegame. Reading is something that can’t be taught, it only improves with experience.

White played so many moves (I want to say 20 or more) that did nothing for White while forcing Black to play moves Black wanted to play anyway, and was only saved by the fact that Black made more mistakes (which is natural, since you’re still a 14k; reading mistakes of that caliber happen at that level). From move 40 to move 100 I don’t think White played a single move that I consider good. Not all 7k players play like this; many would take the lead from move 35 and coast to a straightforward win, if playing against another roughly-equal player.

Consider that White only won by 24.5, despite the fact that White killed 17 stones in the left/center. Those stones could have been saved if Black paid a little more attention to connecting, and the bottom right corner probably should have died. The outcome of this game would be different if Black managed either of these things, because either one of these is worth much more than 24 points.


BIG BIG THANK YOU SIR for your statement. highly highly appriciated!!!

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