DDK Move Analysis

Just played this game where I got a lucky result, but looking through the analysis some of the computer recommended moves don’t make sense to me. If anyone has insight, please share!

At move 64 cI (black) played E13. The computer recommends D12. I see why E13 is no good, but don’t see how D12 is much better. The continuation shown by the computer does not make it apparent to me.

Any help is appreciated!

The 1-2-3 sequence from black D12 seems to secure 2 white stones for black and ensure life for black’s group. As long as you are confident that white will play 2, then this seems like a good reason.

White’s subsequent move in the corner makes no sense to me :man_shrugging:

After move 63 white is out either way: extending with H12 or capturing two stones at H11.
So white is alive.
If white is alive, then Black has 3 weak/dead groups: H11, G13/G15, E9.

Move D12 captures 2 white stones and settles E9 while removing eyespace for white.
If I was white, my move 4 would be H11: one eye and out!
But I’m barely SDK, :grin:

Thanks for the replies! Seeing the best move is not so helpful when I can’t figure out the reasoning.