DDK vs SDK review request


I am currently a 15kyu.

Would appreciate review, against a STRONG 7kyu opponent.
I thought I did pretty well, I mean I felt confident, but I after the fuseki moves I lost the game in middlegame I think.

I think key point(s) are around move 94 following?!!. (Look maybe Variations 7??!)

Would appreciate some comments on K. O and maybe endgame.

BIG Thank YOU.

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move 21: your winrate drops 41% with this peep (from 49% to 15%, for Black).

move 102: according to one engine, W’s winrate drops 20% with this keima. This is the only moment in the entire game where W gives you a chance to go over 50% for your winrate.

move 103: the engine peeps at B12, White’s key point, giving B a winrate of 66%.
Otherwise, B’s winrate never went above 50% for the entire real game.